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What is Dental Insurance?

A health and wellness plan designed to pay a portion of dental costs associated with preventive, basic, some major dental care, as well as orthodontia.

Plan Rules: 

  • Eligibility: All full-time employees designated by the Board of Education working 20 or more hours a week, spouse and dependent children up to age 26 

  • Coverage through MetLife

  • Provider directory: (Network: PDP Plus) 

  • Orthodontia available for adults and children (up to age 26); subject to lifetime max

  • Claims must be submitted within 90 days of date of service 

  • Exams and cleanings are allowed 2 times each calendar year and do not have to be separated by 6 months 

  • You can go to any provider on both plans but will receive a higher benefit for going to an In-Network provider 

  • The chart below is a sample of covered in-network services. Please see the Plan Certificate for a detailed listing of services, as well as out-of-network allowances in their entirety 

Contact Campus Benefits for assistance with claims.


Call 1-866-433-7661, option 5

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