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What is MedCareComplete?

MedCareComplete (MCC) has carefully selected and packaged solutions that are designed to drive high utilization and employee satisfaction. MCC does this by providing services that protect and care for the physical, financial, and digital health of its members. Finally, there is a solution that gives the value employees need to maximize their benefits.

Plan Rules:

  • Eligibility: All full-time employees designated by the Board of Education working 20 or more hours a week, spouse & children (up to 26)

  • Coverage through MedCareComplete

  • This is a supplemental benefit and does not replace health insurance.

  • Register @ MCC: to access the full range of benefits

  • Register @ 1800MD: or (800) 388-8785 to access telemedicine benefits

  • *Contact MedCareComplete  (866) 610-3619

Contact Campus Benefits for assistance with claims.


Call 1-866-433-7661, option 5


Restoration Expert

Identity theft risk management specialist can assess your identity theft situation, and move forward with a fully managed resolution.

Expense Reimbursement

This service provides you with a $25,000 insurance policy to reimburse expenses caused by identity theft.

Social Media Tracking

Receive instant notifications of potential reputation damaging items directed at you or a family member, including cyber bullying, cyber predators, and more.

Sex Offender Alerts

Register for alerts to notify you of move in/outs of registered sex offenders within 5 miles of an identified address

Medical Bill Negotiator

Identifies errors and overcharges on your medical bills. 80% of medical bills submitted achieve 40% savings on average.

Medication Management

For members and their families who suffer from chronic or poly-chronic conditions. The home delivery service is available for those who take more than four maintenance medications per day.


24/7 access to a board-certified doctor to consult on acute illnesses and prescribe medicine if needed.

Medical & ID Theft Monitoring

High-risk transaction alerts help you to maintain awareness when someone has breached your information online.

Compare & Save Networks

A free health and wellness discount program with a national network of over 59,000 pharmacies to help save on prescriptions. Members also gain access to discounts on a wide variety of health products and services such as dental, vision, hearing, and more!

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